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Very fun game! I need to get better with the steering system though.

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this is very cute and a clever idea. i love it! if it were for android it would be perfect.

edit: the drawing mode is THE BEST <3

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I like this game a lot. Its a high score arcade game where you rotate your character through the levels to avoidenemies, while at the same time collecting diamonds that pop up. Unlockable characters, super charming presentation and music, interesting unlockables, unique boss fights, an optional painting mode for some relaxation and a good amount of challenge so you will get back to it. I would love to play this on my phone, but there doesnt seem to be an Android version and the phone roots are clearly noticable and a tad distracting in the pc release. 3,5/5

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The OST is not downloadable from the itch client on Windows.

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The zip file for the Mac version is bad – has an invalid file structure and a missing end signature. Please re-zip it and make sure it unzips cleanly.

Also, is it supposed to be six times larger than the Windows version?