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Melon Journey

The cult classic RPG maker game that launched our careers
Made in just a week back in 2012

In this game you choose to play as either Cantaloupe (Melon Boy) or Honeydew (Melon Girl)
You find yourself in the outskirts of Hog Town, with your buddy nowhere to be seen. Ask around and see if any of the hedgehogs, hamsters, cats or dogs have any valuable info (but it may not come easy).

Full of inside jokes, Melon Journey sometimes doesn't make much sense but it was made with a lot of love for all our friends and the people we admire.

Updated 9 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
AuthorFroach Club
GenreRole Playing
TagsCult Classic, Cute, delicious, Funny, melon


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Melon Journey (2012 version) 11 MB
Melon Journey (2019 version).zip 18 MB
Melon Journey MacOS (2019 version) 281 MB


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on mac OSX gives error :-(

You can try moving it to the desktop or applications folder before running, it might work

Ahh, this looks so cute and fun but the file refuses to open on mac. Just so you can be aware, the mac file gets stuck on "verify" and can't open. I used a sudo command in terminal to force verify it, but then the file does not even open a window at all. I will try it on a PC when I get home though!! (i'm out of town)

I downloaded the OSX version and I'm having trouble installing. Can anyone tell me what to do?

you shouldn't have to install anything, just unzip the file and open Melon Journey.app

I'm having trouble figuring out how to get it started...

are you on mac or windows? on windows just open RPG_RT.exe to run the game.

this game is so cute, i loved it

how do you save in the game? i can't seem to figure it out lol

I wish authors would give some advices on how to create games like this one and which program they are using!

dude they used the rpg maker engine and probably photoshop for the tilesets

cute i like it.


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