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So cute ~ 

(P.S. Cantaloupe and Honeydew are the name of my ducks haha)

Hi! I made a speedrun site for this cute game 8 months ago, here is the link:


What a nice game. It's like those brain teaser puzzles, but with much more cuteness and wholesomeness. Ending was so great.

Believe me, I can hardly wait to play the sequel!

I was looking for games to play in my stream and I came across this! I loved playing every minute of it, the sprites and the characters are so cute. It's a simple quest game but loads of fun!

is there a rom version of this game?  id love to play it on my GB



wonderful little game, soundtracks like these are always so beautiful and melancholy. makes me want to make a game like it! cant wait for melon journey 2


this was such an adorable game, totally looking forward 2 melon journey 2 :>

us too 👀

Thank you, really nice; waiting for melon journey 2 :)

This was such a cute game! I loved all the little quests and the quirky characters! :) 11/10 will recommend to my friends

this game is so cute! i loved talking to the other animals, they were all so funny. it was fun going from each animal and doing tasks for them, and the ending was worth it!! i love games like this, thank you!!

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I made a play through video of your game. ^^ It was really cute and I'm enjoying it a lot so far, the soundtrack and characters are adorable.

this game is lovely xxx


real reminiscing about melon journey hours rn


adorable! hey minipete could you tell me what program you use to create these games? I want to make a game for my dad. I’m an absolut beginner I only know scratch haha but this game inspired me so much!!

figured out it‘s rpg maker 2003! i‘m hyped!

Really adorable. Playing this really lifted my spirits. Thank you!

the most absolute precious game :)<3

Ths is so sweet! Glad to have played.

I can’t play it on windows, the arrow keys won’t work, just the x, c and v, what can I do?

do you have a gamepad or anything like that plugged in that could be interfering? If not, there’s a fix here you can try:

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*****for anyone having trouble running the mac version, we just uploaded a new version "MJ MacOS (uses EasyRPG)" that should work for you*****

I am also having difficulty opening on Mac IOS, on the desktop it gives an error message and in the application file it acts like it's going to open but just never loads

I thought that this game was beautiful. I really loved it and found myself getting lost in it. I played this for my Indie Game Showcase and if you haven't had the pleasure of playing it. I think you should. 


on mac OSX gives error :-(

You can try moving it to the desktop or applications folder before running, it might work

I downloaded the OSX version and I'm having trouble installing. Can anyone tell me what to do?

you shouldn't have to install anything, just unzip the file and open Melon

I'm having trouble figuring out how to get it started...

are you on mac or windows? on windows just open RPG_RT.exe to run the game.

this game is so cute, i loved it

how do you save in the game? i can't seem to figure it out lol

You need to find the house of the Bear who Saves Everything!

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dude they used the rpg maker engine and probably photoshop for the tilesets

cute i like it.


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